We are a family friendly practice and are happy to see all child patients. Children’s treatment is free on the NHS.


Jan, our Childsmile Nurse, sees children up until the age of 5 every 6 months for oral hygiene instruction, dietary advice and fluoride application. Childsmile is a national programme designed to help improve the oral health of children across Scotland, and in the West of Scotland decay rates are some of the worst in Europe. Our Childsmile programme is operated from a small cosy room out of a surgery setting, in a relaxed environment to try to help acclimatise the children to being in the dental practice. We will frequently make an appointment with the dentist in conjunction with the Childsmile appointment so your child can have a go at getting in the chair themselves, with a goal to having good co-operation by the time their adult teeth start to erupt.


Baby teeth are NOT “just” baby teeth – it is vital to instil good oral hygiene in your children from an early age. Decay in baby teeth can lead to pain and swelling, causing your child unnecessary trauma. Decay is also unaesthetic and can lead to teasing from other children. Problems with baby teeth can in turn cause problems with adult teeth; for example, abscesses can cause damage to the adult successor or early loss of baby teeth can cause problems with the occlusion and alignment of teeth and potentially lead to braces. We aim to avoid treatment in children as at a young age this can be traumatic and cause a lifelong phobia of dentistry. For these reasons, it is vital to register your child with a dentist and attend regular check-ups and visits with Childsmile, so we can best advise you on how to look after your child’s teeth and diet to avoid decay altogether.


When your children have their adult teeth, we also provide fissure seals. The majority of cavities appear on the biting surface of your back teeth; we can help to prevent this by sealing over the crevices of these teeth with a varnish-like coating to prevent food and bacteria getting lodged here and causing decay. These are quick and painless to provide.