There are often several treatment options available to consider. We shall offer our patients the options available and with them determine the best treatment for not only their dental health but also their circumstances. We believe it is important to tailor our treatment plans to each individual patients' needs.
At Neil Gordon & Associates, we offer both NHS and private dental care. 


NHS dentistry covers the more “basic” and essential aspects of dentistry, with the NHS contributing towards the cost of care, or in some cases covering all of the cost (dependent on individual circumstances). The NHS provide a set fee list from which we work; NHS charges are not dictated by dentists, but the health service itself. The NHS limit which treatments we are able to carry out under the NHS. For example, on molar teeth the NHS will cover amalgam fillings only, not tooth-coloured fillings, and crowns must be in metal. The NHS also doesn’t cover purely aesthetic treatment, such as tooth whitening. Our NHS treatment is a very high level of dental care.

So, what’s the difference? By going for private treatment, we are able to provide both a wider choice of treatment and a wider choice of materials. Private treatments we offer include tooth whitening, tooth-coloured fillings, veneers, private crowns and bridgework (using different materials than the NHS allow). For more information about the private treatments we offer, please ask your dentist, who will be happy to explain any differences in detail and help you decide which treatment is more suitable for your needs.

Our NHS patients are able to choose a private treatment option whilst still being NHS patients.

For a full discussion and consultation on what treatment would best suit your needs please arrange an appointment with one of our dentists.