What is plasma rich in growth factors?

Plasma rich in growth factors is a biomedical technology developed by BTI aimed at stimulating tissue regeneration through the concentration and application of growth factors and other proteins present in blood plasma.

What are growth factors?

Growth factors are a group of proteins present in the plasma and in the platelets in our blood that play an essential role in the processes of repair and regeneration of tissues, since they trigger biological effects such as cell proliferation and differentiation, generation of blood vessels (angiogenesis) and the migration of cells to the places where regeneration is necessary (chemotaxis).

Growth factors can be regarded as the messages the body uses to tell cells when they need to grow, differentiate or move to repair an injury.

How does plasma rich in growth factors work?

Through the plasma rich in growth factors technology, from a minimum amount of blood from the patient we can isolate and concentrate the proteins responsible for the repair and regeneration of tissues in order to use them therapeutically. The application of plasma rich in growth factors stimulates and accelerates the recovery of injured tissues.

How is plasma rich in growth factors obtained?

Obtaining plasma rich in growth factors is simple: it is just a case of extracting a small volume of blood from the patient and putting it through a centrifugation process to separate the different plasma fractions. This allows us to select the fraction that contains the appropriate proportion of growth factors and also to avoid the elements that might negatively interfere with the repair process.


Plasma rich in growth factors is very versatile and allows up to four different therapeutic formulations to be obtained from the patient’s blood, which can be adapted to the clinical needs of each case.


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